assess your Technical skills

The Changing Perspectives Self-Assessment platform is a free tool that allows you to easily review and assess your technical skills while also exploring the top 5 high-demand IT roles across the tech sector in Nova Scotia. The platform measures skills that are organized around 6 general areas of competence in the following occupations: Data Analyst, Software Developer, Cyber Security Analyst, Web Developer, and User Support Technician.

Once complete, your results will be shown in the following proficiency levels: Non-applicable, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3, and will be compared to the recommended proficiency level for your chosen occupation. Each job role is assessed differently and your results will likely vary depending on which role you select (even if your responses remain the same). Your results will also show criticality ratings for each competency as identified by employers, HR professionals, and subject matter experts. There are three criticality ratings that will be displayed: Not Applicable, Desirable, and Essential.

Please note: the recommended proficiency levels shown in this tool are not an objective measure of one’s ability to succeed within any given job role. This tool focuses solely on technical competencies. There may be other relevant competencies required by specific employers including leadership, management, communication, and industry-specific competencies for health care, finance, tourism, etc.

Select your Occupation

Choose an occupation that is either relevant to your skillset, or one that you are interested in exploring.

Industry Resources

Explore occupational resources, including certifications, popular courses, learning streams, and more proficiency recommendations.

The Changing Perspectives project was made possible through a generous funding agreement with the Government of Nova Scotia.